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September 1, 2015 Fernando Muniz

That must be a bad joke!

In the worst moment in for the last 15 years we are sure to be very far from good news. The last one is the hoax that Central Bank might loose it’s ministry status, which led Alexandre Tombini the Central Bank president to issue a statement that he would leave the job if that happens. Loosing the ministry status, the Central Bank president can be liable for his actions and prosecuted in first instance courts.

Several newspapers articles circulated the hoax that culminated in Tombini’s statement. Apparently our politicians think the countries problem is not big enough.

This is part of the reduction of 10 ministries announced by the government. The summary is that for 4 of those 10 ministries will loose their status but the budget will remain the same! The others are ministries that have the lowest budgets meaning that this cost reduction will have little impact. That must be a bad joke!

If we were on the rating agencies shoes we would already have downgraded the rating to junk a long time, what seems to be only a matter of time now.

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