August 18, 2015 davedorr

Dilma Rousseff government accounts to vote now!

With the decision of the Supreme Court that the presidential accounts must be voted on in a joint session between the senate and the chamber of deputies, the government that recently sewed an agreement with Renan Calheiros, president of the Senate and the Congress, has woven an important victory, because only he can put the accounts of Dilma Rousseff on the agenda for a vote for approval or rejection, which they are trying to avoid at all costs because it would bring further complications for the president.

Politicians need to understand that they have responsibilities to the public and that voting and ruling over the accounts is the democratic way we have to evaluate them and if it is the case claim their responsibility, it is an instrument of the people.

Renan Calheiros said this week that it is not the interest of the country at this time put on the presidential accounts for voting.

Do you agree with Renan’s statement? Do you accepts that only the person who at the time can put the accounts to a vote decides for all the millions of Brazilians to such an important issue?

If like me you do not agree and are tired of seeing all end up in pizza Join the petition to Congress to bring the accounts to the agenda </ strong> once the assessment of TCU is finished.

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